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Welcome to the forefront of healthcare digital marketing, where navigating the vast online landscape becomes as effortless as prescribing the right treatment.

Our secret ingredient? Omnichannel magic, knitting together healthcare digital marketing efforts to deliver stellar results doctors love.

Is this you?

If you resonate with any of the below then you’ve landed at the right place. Your search for the best healthcare digtal marketing company is successful.

less patient inquiries

Are you unable to generate predicatable & consistent leads 

unstable results

You get some patients but suddenly it all stops and you wonder why is it so?


Healthcare digital marketing is a big ocean of tech & tricks. Finding success isn’t easy.

burnt money on ads

Throwing money at social media platforms without a targeted marketing strategy is akin to prescribing medicine without diagnosis.


After being through all this, the responses from your marketing agency are frustrating?

lack of confidence

Investing in digital marketing services for healthcare can seem intimidating without the right agency by your side.

Discover What Our Doctors Say About Us – Your Success Story Awaits!

Explore firsthand accounts from satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of our healthcare marketing solutions.

Dr. Vibhor Pateriya

Gold Medalist (NIMHANS Bengaluru)

Dr. Neha Sharma

Delivery & IVF Specialist
MBBS | MS | Obj. Gyne | DNB | FNB
Gold Medalist.

Dr. Bhaskar Tiwari

Orthopaedic Surgeon
MBBS | MS | D. Ortho
Managing Director – Bhaskar Super Speciality Hospital.

Dr. Anu Tiwari

Dental Surgeon, Smile Design
Manipal University.

Top Of the line marketing tech

Harnessing state-of-the-art technological tools in conjunction with exceptional expertise to deliver exceptionally impressive outcomes for your clinic or hospital.


We’re the #1st choice healthcare marketing agency for doctors, clinics and hospitals in India. We’re also loved in other countries including USA, UK.

Case Studies and References

Don’t just take our word for it, our portfolio of successful healthcare marketing campaigns speaks volumes of our expertise and results-driven approach. From boosting online presence for private practices in Gurgaon to scaling hospitals in Delhi for wider reach, our case studies and references stand as testaments to our standing as the best healthcare digital marketing company in India.

Blend of creativity, brilliance, and MarTech expertise.

At the heart of our success is a team of dedicated healthcare marketers, combining creative thinking, marketing brilliance, and deep technical expertise. We specialize in delivering digital marketing solutions that resonate with the healthcare industry’s unique demands, setting us apart as the premier marketing firm for healthcare providers across India.

Mature, tailored customer service crafted for busy senior doctors and clinic owners.​

We understand that healthcare professionals are incredibly busy, which is why our customer service model is designed for efficiency and effectiveness. Our commitment to providing mature, exceptional service tailored to your needs ensures that working with us is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what you do best—caring for patients.

Full-service healthcare digital marketing under one roof.

From local SEO, vital for every private practice and clinic, to comprehensive online reputation management, our full-service offerings cover every aspect of healthcare digital marketing. With Patients10X.com, you have access to a comprehensive array of services under one roof, ensuring your healthcare brand’s online journey is smooth and successful. Our suite includes healthcare reputation management, among other critical offerings.

Highest quality across design, content, and technical implementation​​

Quality is the cornerstone of our services, echoing in our website design, content creation, and technical execution. Our marketing experts meticulously craft each element of your online presence to reflect the highest standards, ensuring your healthcare brand not only meets but exceeds digital marketing goals.

Clear reporting and open communication, tailored for medical professionals.

From local SEO, vital for every private practice and clinic, to comprehensive online reputation management, our full-service offerings cover every aspect of healthcare digital marketing. With Patients10X.com, you have access to a comprehensive array of services under one roof, ensuring your healthcare brand’s online journey is smooth and successful. Our suite includes healthcare reputation management, among other critical offerings.


how is our Omnichannel healthcare marketing different?

Understand how our healthcare marketing services stand out from other agencies and how are they so effective.

What Is Omni Channel Marketing?

Omni channel marketing is the synergy of various marketing channels working in unison to create a seamless, integrated user experience. For the healthcare industry, this means intertwining social media, SEO, paid ads, and your healthcare website into a cohesive marketing strategy that ensures no potential patient falls through the cracks.

How omni channel marketing can bring you the dream ROI?

The beauty of omni channel marketing lies in its ability to not just attract new patients but ensure their journey from discovery to appointment booking is as smooth as possible. This holistic approach to healthcare digital marketing maximizes ROI by leveraging every possible digital touchpoint to engage and convert potentials into loyal patients.

How Omni Channel Digital Marketing Can Beat Your Competitors?

In the competitive healthcare market, standing out is about more than just being seen—it’s about being everywhere your potential patients are looking. Our omni channel strategy places your healthcare service front and center across the digital spectrum, outshining competitors and establishing your brand as the top choice for healthcare solutions.

How is Omni Channel Marketing superior to Multi Channel Marketing?

While multi-channel marketing operates on several platforms, it often does so in isolation, creating a fragmented user experience. Integrating these platforms seamlessly is a challenge that our healthcare digital marketing solutions are perfectly poised to address. Omni channel marketing, on the other hand, unites all channels under a single, coherent marketing strategy tailored for the healthcare industry, ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative that drives patient engagement and loyalty.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

Whether you’re establishing a new hospital or a seasoned practitioner, our comprehensive healthcare digital marketing suite, intricately woven with a powerful omnichannel setup, guarantees maximum returns on your investment.

Top 2% Goole Ads Experts

Google: Search, Display, Remarketing & YouTube Ads.

Leverage the power of Google’s advertising platforms to reach potential patients at the very moment they’re searching for healthcare services. Our targeted ad solutions, including search, display, remarketing, and YouTube ads, are engineered to boost visibility and patient inquiries.

Our services include:

Social Sphere

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin

Engage and grow your healthcare brand’s online community with our expert social media marketing services. From crafting compelling content to managing paid ad campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, our marketing specialists ensure your social media efforts drive real, measurable results.

Our services include:

Local Dominance

Local SEO - Imperative for Every Private Practice, Clinic, or Hospital

In the healthcare industry, local visibility is critical. Our specialized local SEO services ensure your practice or hospital ranks prominently in local search queries, connecting you with patients in your immediate vicinity.

Our services include:

Digital Architecture

Crafting Exceptional Websites: Design & Development

Your healthcare website is often the first point of contact with potential patients. Our design and development team ensures it makes a lasting impression, with user-friendly navigation, compelling content, and a design that reflects the professionalism of your healthcare brand.

Our services include:

Reputation Shield

Building Trust Online: Online Reputation Management (ORM)

In today’s digital age, your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability. Our comprehensive ORM services safeguard your healthcare brand’s image, addressing negative feedback proactively while amplifying positive patient experiences. This is central to healthcare reputation management.

Our services include:

Chat Outreach

WhatsApp Marketing: Lead Generation, Nurture, Branding & Engagement

With the ubiquity of WhatsApp, it offers a valuable channel for engaging with patients directly. Our WhatsApp marketing services allow you to communicate efficiently, sending updates, reminders, and healthcare tips directly to your patients’ phones.

Top Highlights:

Inbox Impact

Healthcare Digital Marketing Email Solutions: Your Key to Success

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to maintain and nurture patient relationships, a testament to the power of content marketing in the healthcare sector. Our strategic campaigns keep your patients informed, engaged, and connected to your healthcare services, showcasing the impact of effective digital marketing in the medical field.

Top Highlights:

HealthTech Automation

Empower Your Healthcare Marketing with Digital Automation

Automate your marketing efforts without losing the personal touch that’s so crucial in healthcare. This synthesis of technology and personalization is what sets the best healthcare digital marketers apart. Our digital marketing automation services streamline your marketing processes, ensuring consistent patient engagement with minimal manual effort.

Our services include:

Frequently asked questions

What ROI will I get?

The ROI of digital marketing in healthcare can vary based on multiple factors including strategy, execution, and market dynamics. However, with our tailored approach and deep industry expertise, we aim to maximize your returns, ensuring a significant and measurable impact on patient acquisition and retention. This is the hallmark of healthcare digital marketing solutions that truly perform.

Is there any guarantee?

While the nature of marketing makes guarantees challenging, our commitment to excellence and track record of success in the healthcare industry provides a solid foundation for your digital marketing investments. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, delivering outcomes that truly make a difference

How long will it take?

The timeline to see tangible results from digital marketing efforts can vary; however, with our strategic, data-driven approach, we focus on achieving quick wins while building long-term success. Your dedicated marketing team will continually optimize campaigns for the best outcomes.

How will I get support?

Our client support goes beyond regular business hours. With Patients10X.com, you have access to a dedicated team of digital marketing experts, ready to assist you with any inquiries, updates, or adjustments needed, making us one of the best healthcare digital marketing partners. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures you always have the support you need, when you need it.

What are your fees?

Our pricing is as personalized as our marketing strategies, ensuring that we cater uniquely to the needs of medical practices. Depending on the services required, we offer flexible fee structures tailored to your specific needs and goals. Get in touch with us for a detailed proposal that aligns with your healthcare marketing budget and objectives.

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