300% Growth Neuro Surgeon Success Story

He Knew Where The Key was!

In the ever-evolving field of neurosurgery, Dr. Vibhor Pateriya, a distinguished gold medalist from NIMHANS Bengaluru, recognized the need for a stronger online presence to establish a dominant brand identity and attract more patients. He knew that strategic digital marketing held the key to unlocking his practice’s full potential.

Dr. Pateriya partnered with Patients10x, India’s leading healthcare marketing ally, embarking on a transformative journey to redefine his online visibility and patient acquisition strategies.

Patients10x's Comprehensive
Digital Marketing Plan

Nurturing Neurosurgery Excellence

Patients10x meticulously crafted a comprehensive digital marketing plan tailored specifically to the needs of neurosurgeons and their patients, seamlessly integrating diverse channels to connect with potential patients across multiple touchpoints.
  • ORM Excellence: Patients10x proactively managed Dr. Pateriya’s online reputation, ensuring positive reviews took center stage, fostering trust and credibility among potential patients. This significantly improved his online reputation and search engine rankings.

  • Branding Brilliance: Patients10x crafted a cohesive brand identity that resonated with Dr. Pateriya’s values and expertise, establishing a consistent presence across all online channels. This helped position him as a trusted neurosurgical authority in the region.

  • Β Strategic Social Media Impact: Patients10x leveraged the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience, highlighting Dr. Pateriya’s expertise and experience through engaging content and targeted advertising. This resulted in a 250% increase in patient inquiries.

  • Google Ads Mastery: Patients10x ensured Dr. Pateriya’s website ranked prominently in search results for relevant keywords, capturing the attention of patients actively seeking neurosurgery services. This led to a remarkable 300% surge in website traffic.

  • Website Performance Perfection: Patients10x optimized Dr. Pateriya’s website for both performance and user experience, ensuring a seamless and informative patient journey. This resulted in increased website engagement and conversions.

  • Content Leadership: Patients10x created informative and engaging content that positioned Dr. Pateriya as a thought leader in the field of neurosurgery, attracting new patients and solidifying his reputation. This further strengthened his online presence and brand awareness.

  • Email Engagement: Patients10x implemented targeted email campaigns to nurture patient relationships, provide timely reminders, and promote Dr. Pateriya’s services. This led to improved patient engagement and loyalty.

  • Lead Nurturing Mastery: Patients10x implemented a comprehensive strategy to convert inquiries into appointments, maximizing patient acquisition and loyalty. This resulted in a significant increase in clinic revenue.

  • CRM Integration: Patients10x seamlessly merged Dr. Pateriya’s practice’s CRM system with their marketing platform, creating a centralized and data-driven patient management approach. This improved operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Reaping Rewards

Dr. Vibhor Pateriya’s neurosurgery practice witnessed a remarkable transformation, a testament to the power of Patients10x’s strategic digital marketing approach:
  • 300% Surge in Website Traffic: Significant growth demonstrated the effectiveness of targeted campaigns, expanding Dr. Pateriya’s online reach and brand awareness.

  • 250% Surge in Patient Inquiries: Substantial growth in inquiries highlighted the impact of enhanced online presence, attracting new patients from a wider geographical area.

  • 200% Boost in Clinic Revenue: Revenue soared by 200%, showcasing the impact of patient acquisition and retention strategies, solidifying Dr. Pateriya’s position as a leading neurosurgeon.
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Dr. Vibhor Pateriya’s remarkable transformation serves as an inspiration for neurosurgeons seeking to elevate their online presence, enhance brand reputation, and achieve exceptional results.

Patients10x’s strategic digital marketing approach, coupled with a patient-centric focus and data-driven insights, offers valuable strategies for healthcare providers aiming to revolutionize patient acquisition, enhance brand reputation, and achieve success in the competitive neurosurgery landscape.


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