Bhaskar Super Speciality Hospital's Omnichannel Transformation

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In the dynamic realm of healthcare, Bhaskar Super Speciality Hospital recognized the imperative to reshape its online presence for amplified patient growth.

In partnership with Patients10x, a premier omnichannel marketing agency, the hospital embarked on a groundbreaking journey, redefining its healthcare marketing strategy.


Bhaskar Super Speciality's Triumph

Explore how omnichannel brilliance boosted patient acquisition, fortified brand recognition, and positioned the hospital as a healthcare beacon.

Embracing Omnichannel Brilliance:

A Strategic Approach to Healthcare Growth

Bhaskar Super Speciality embraced the potential of omnichannel marketing, realizing its capacity to seamlessly connect with patients across diverse touchpoints. Patients10x meticulously designed an omnichannel strategy, integrating various channels:

  • Targeted Landing Pages: Dedicated pages for specific services acted as digital guides, directing potential patients effortlessly through their online journey.

  • Captivating Video Content: Engaging videos showcased the hospital’s expertise, facilities, and services, fostering trust and credibility.

  • Website Makeover: A modern, user-friendly website enhanced the patient experience and propelled the hospital to the forefront of search results.
  • Active Social Media Engagement: Social media transformed into a hub for community engagement, sharing health insights, addressing patient concerns, and fostering a local connection.

  • Content Marketing Expertise: Informative blog posts established the hospital as a healthcare thought leader, attracting new patients and solidifying its reputation.
  • Marketing Automation: Cutting-edge tools streamlined patient communication through automated email sequences, providing timely reminders and personalized care.

  • Personalized WhatsApp Interactions: Customized messages addressed patient concerns, offered reminders, and facilitated seamless communication, fortifying the patient-hospital connection.

  • Targeted Remarketing Strategies: Strategic approaches kept the hospital at the forefront of potential patients’ minds with relevant reminders and invitations.

Reaping Rewards

  • Soaring Website Traffic: A 300% surge in website traffic expanded the hospital’s online presence and audience reach.

  • Momentum in Lead Generation: A 200% increase in lead generation paved the way for exponential patient acquisition and growth.

  • Surge in Patient Growth: An unprecedented 150% growth in new patient acquisition solidified the hospital’s trust as a healthcare provider, drawing patients from Mathura and neighboring towns.
  • Heights of Brand Recognition: Significantly expanding within Mathura and neighboring towns, Bhaskar Super Speciality became a regional leader.
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Bhaskar Super Speciality Hospital’s journey is proof of omnichannel marketing’s power. Gain insights and strategies to reshape your online presence and drive patient growth. Embrace brilliance and transform your healthcare organization.